Multiple layouts for maximum flexibility

Engine Awesome is built from the ground up to be incredibly flexible, and today we’re taking that to a new level with “multiple layouts”. Each layout can be a form, list table, dashboard, and more. You can now create unlimited layouts and change them based on the values of one or more fields.

Party Time Entertainment created an intake form in Engine Awesome for their events. The form creates a quote that goes through a number of statuses. Their initial quote allows access to all fields in the form, but once the customer approves the quote the data is locked and cannot be changed. Different views are presented to the employees of Party Time as the quote moves through “Sent to Customer”, “Customer Approved”, “Scheduled” and “Paid”.

Additionally, our Zapier integration is used to automatically add the event to the Party Time calendar, and automatically update the status to “Scheduled”.

There are so many things you can do with Engine Awesome and multiple views. We’re excited to see what you build.

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